Our Commitment To Privacy:

To better understand our practices and help you make choices that are best suited for you, we have provided this notice. Your personal privacy is very important to us. Please read the following points and read this whenever you are asked to input any information about yourself.

Collected Information:

To become a member of this site we require only one piece of information, your personal email address. We do not need to know your first and last name or where you live. We only require your email address to register with us.

The Way We Use Information:

Your email address is used only to communicate with you when it is necessary. Such as, when you have messages from other members waiting for you on the site, you forgot your password and need a new one and to verify and activate your membership by clicking on the activation link that is provided in your email message.

Our Commitment To Ensure Data Security:

To maintain data integrity and prevent unauthorized access we have put in place up to date managerial and electronic procedures to safeguard the information we collect.

How You Can Access Or Correct Your Information:

Changing your email information is easy. There are two way you may do this. You can contact us through Contact Us and make a request or you may do this yourself by going to the main drop down menu on the site and click SETTINGS and then follow the email options presented to you.

Use Of Cookies:

The same as other sites, we use cookies to help you navigate through the site and to manage your session when you are logged in. Members must enable cookies on their computer to use our site to create a better user experience. We do not use cookies to collect information from anyone. We also take reasonable steps to verify the identity of anyone attempting to gain access to any member account.

Contact Us:

C/O New Life Ventures Inc.
P.O. Box 611717
North Miami, Florida 33261